Yonalink Partner in the EU-funded AI4LUNGS Technology Consortium Combatting Lung

Yonalink will use its AI-driven solution to securely retrieve and transfer patient data from multiple clinical partners.


Tel Aviv, Israel - April 15, 2024 - Yonalink, the leading EHR-to-EDC streaming provider for clinical trials, today announced it has joined the AI4LUNGS consortium after a competitive selection process.

Lung diseases pose a significant global health threat, causing severe illness and millions of deaths annually. One of the primary challenges in treating lung disease is the wide array of possible conditions. Unfortunately, traditional clinical approaches require extensive multidisciplinary teams and a range of diagnostic tools, leading to increased costs, time, and resources used.

AI4LUNGS is a consortium of 18 technology companies and academic institutions that aims tocreate and validate AI tools and computational models to improve patient stratification and ultimately, lung health, by streamlining the diagnostic process and creating a digital platform that is capable of monitoring patients and advising healthcare professionals throughout the clinical process.

“Yonalink is honored to have been selected to participate in the AI4LUNGS initiative that will lead to technology solutions that optimize diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases,” said Iddo Peleg, CEO and co-founder of Yonalink. “Our unique approach to the management and streaming of patient data from the clinical partners, located in five countries, over the next three years, will ultimately provide the data engine needed to arrive at advanced solutions for personalized diagnosis and treatment planning which can improve patient outcomes and the overall standard of medical care by reducing the need for numerous examinations.”

Yonalink will collect clinical data of patients from all the participating medical centers in the AI4Lungs consortium across the EU.  Each participating medical center will carry out its own internal processes to identify qualifying patients and to obtain the necessary ethical and privacy approvals for data sharing. Yonalink will extract various types of pseudonymized data for approved patients, including observations, medications, and imaging. The harmonized data collected by Yonalink will then be accessible to the project’s researchers who will be able to download it for analysis. The data will also be transferred to the AI4Lungs data platform managed by KPMG where KPMG’s AI algorithms will process it.

“One of the most critical steps on a project that deals with both structured and unstructured data types for the development of diagnosis support systems based on AI and DSS is the data transfer and harmonization from multiple sources from clinical partners, data registries and open national/international databases,” said Duarte Dias, Center Assistant Coordinator and Biomedical Engineer at INESC TEC, the coordinator of AI4LUNGS. “We are thrilled to have Yonalink on board as a key partner to overcome such barriers. The company’s innovative EHR-to-EDC streaming solution to retrieve harmonized and structured data will simplify the full data collection process into a much shorter time frame enabling the project to reach its objectives successfully.”

Yonlink’s participation in the AI4Lungs project brings the company one step forward in its mission to provide a global solution for EHR-to-EDC streaming and to enable data to be streamed automatically from any EHR in theworld to any sponsor’s clinical trial database. The project has received recognition and funding of €6.9M from the European Commission and the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA).




About Yonalink

Yonalink equips research teams with the ability to extract up-to-date patient data from any EHR and stream that data into a clinical trial electronic data capture (EDC) system or other data tool in real time, reducing clinical trial timelines and costs. Headquartered in Boston with R&D operations in Israel, Yonalink is bringing new levels of speed, quality, and efficiency to clinical trial operations across the globe, simplifying the complexity of clinical data collection and validation, and enabling true scalability. The Company’s SaaS platform has the capabilities to stream up-to-date data from any clinicalsite’s EHR platform, in any part of the world, and populate it within Yonalink’s next generation EDC or 3rd party data platform. With built-in eConsent and ePRO / eCOA and streaming EHR-to-EDC capabilities,Yonalink’s next generation EDC provides a comprehensive solution for today’s clinical trial needs, bringing EDC and eClinRo functionality together in a single tool, eliminating integration delays, reducing costs, and accelerating study timelines.

Learn more at www.yonalink.com.

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