The Yonalink timeline:

“If a medical task or a healthcare process is repetitive and/or data-based, it is prone to be replaced by artificial intelligence.”

Bertalan Mesko

In 2017, while working for a CRO in Canada, Iddo Peleg had an eye-opening moment. He already knew that clinical trials were painfully inefficient, but he began to see why; trial staff were burning out from the most tiring, detail-oriented, and boring part of their job – the transfer of data from the medical center’s EHR to the sponsor’s database (EDC).

Iddo discussed the problem with Gav Martell in a neighborhood running group. Over many meetings and many miles, the two realized that the problem could be solved with a technical solution: automatic streaming of data from any EHR to the EDC. They realized that data streaming would not only reduce staff burden, but it would also significantly reduce the human error caused by manual data transfer and provide greater data oversight for sponsors and study coordinators throughout their trials.

Iddo and Gav decided to join together to develop a future-facing solution that could solve this global problem. Iddo left his job in Canada and moved back to Israel to form Yonalink, together with Itai Rechnitz and Gil Meir, two tech-savvy entrepreneurs who were ready to tackle this challenge.

The Yonalink timeline

Yonalink was established
Yonalink awarded a grant from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to implement data streaming in Sheba and Soroka medical centers
November 2020
Yonalink earns EIC Seal of Excellence
Yonalink wins BIRD Foundation award
April 2022
Yonalink office opens in Boston
November 2022
Yonalink wins EIC grant to implement data streaming technology across the EU
Seed financing round completed
Data streaming rolled out in most major hospitals in Israel
Erika Talbot headshotErika Talbott illustration
Erika Talbott
Account & Site Success Manager

Erika thrives on nurturing connections and fostering meaningful relationships, a passion that has driven her successful journey in the startup realm. When she's not managing client relationships, Erika can be found chasing after her energetic toddler and cheering on her WVU Mountaineers.

Gav Martell headshotIllustration of Gav Martell, VP Business Development and co-founder
Gav Martell
VP Business Development and Co-founder

Gav has hung up his running shoes but can often be found lacing up his skates to play ice hockey. Prior to co-founding Yonalink, Gav headed up operations for companies of all types and sizes, where he specialized in bringing enterprise solutions to market in heavily regulated industries. Fun fact - Gav was also a contestant on season two of MasterChef Canada!

Gil Meir headshot
Illustration of Gil Meir, CTO and co-founder
Gil Meir
CTO and Co-Founder

Gil has an impressive track record of driving technological excellence and fostering innovation across diverse industries. He stays on top of emerging technologies and their strategic applications and using new technologies to revolutionize every product and service that he’s worked on. Gil leads Yonalink’s tech team with an equal mix of passion, creativity, and sarcasm, which allows his team to flourish, even when faced with the most difficult tasks.

Hilla Erlank headshotHilla Erland, Yonalink product manager
Hilla Erlank
Product Manager

With a distinctive blend of research capabilities, analytical skills, and technical expertise complemented by experience in setting up and managing clinical data in multi-center global clinical studies, Hilla is a critical member of the Yonalink team. Hilla excels at effectively prioritizing tasks to achieve optimal outcomes and keeping her team calm when deadlines are looming.

Iddo Peleg headshot
Illustration of Iddo Peleg, CEO and co-founder
Iddo Peleg
CEO and Co-Founder

Iddo brings over two decades of experience to Yonalink  in the clinical trial space. He has been working in the field of clinical trials for almost 20 years, leading clinical trials for large pharma companies and CROs. He has hands-on experience in all aspects of clinical testing, managing Phase I, II, III, and IV trials. Iddo isn’t just a visionary, he’s a true leader who is willing to do anything necessary to achieve his goals. Including moving across the world...twice.

Itai Rechnitz headshotIllustration of Itai Rechnitz, COO and co-founder
Itai Rechnitz
COO and Co-Founder

An accomplished serial entrepreneur, Itai specializes in scaling companies from ideation to implementation, and ultimately, to acquisition. Itai’s contributions to Yonalink are characterized by a unique blend of organizational acumen, innovative problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, and constantly providing the team with chocolate. Drawing on more than two decades of management experience, Itai's expertise extends across all departments at Yonalink, providing invaluable perspectives and insights that optimize company operations.

Maryam Garza headshotIllustration of Maryam Garza, Head of Clinical Operations at Yonalink
Maryam Garza
Head of Clinical Operations

Mom. Athlete. Researcher. Data Nerd. With over a decade of experience in clinical and public health research, Dr. Maryam Garza brings her creativity and innovation to Yonalink, an extensive skillset and expertise in data standards, data management, and clinical trial operations, and a passion for solving the world’s healthcare problems one data byte at a time. When she’s not working tirelessly to streamline the way we run clinical trials, Maryam is running around after her toddler or serving aces on the volleyball court. 

Sapir Balas headshotIllustration of Sapir Balas, Customer Success Manager
Sapir Balas
Customer Success Manager

Sapir comes to Yonalink after working several years working as a study coordinator in Sheba Hospital’s hemato-oncology department. She has a BSc in nutrition science, GCP certification, and a passion for helping others, which makes her a natural at providing support for all Yonalink users. When she’s not at work, you might find Sapir walking her dogs along the shore or working up a sweat in the gym.

Vincent Lepreaux headshotIllustration of Vincent Lepreaux, Yonalink investor
Vincent Lepreux

Vincent Lepreux is Investment Principal at Debiopharm Innovation Fund, which he joined 4 years ago. Vincent has a background in finance, with more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance, corporate strategy and financial advisory, managing M&A and due diligence. Vincent also serves as board member of companies in the Debiopharm Innovation Fund portfolio. He holds a master's degree in finance from Paris Dauphine University.


Jeremy Brody headshotIllustration of Jeremy Brody, Yonalink advisor
Jeremy Brody

Jeremy has a deep knowledge of clinical trials and EHR-to-EDC requirements. He is currently the Managing Director at Brody Capital & Advisors, and has served as Chief Strategy Officer for Aetion and Cerner Enviza, board member of Elligo Research, and as a senior advisor to Warburg Pincus. Jeremy holds an MS in Health Policy and Management from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and has decades of experience pioneering advanced technologies and delivering them to the market, making him a valuable asset to the Yonalink team.

Paul Bleicher headshotIllustration of Paul Bleicher, EHR-to-EDC advisor at Yonalink
Paul Bleicher

Paul is an internationally known serial healthcare entrepreneur, investor, board member, and innovative CEO with expertise in clinical informatics, predictive analytics, and machine learning. With both an MD and PhD, Paul has become a leading expert in the use of EHR data in understanding the cost, quality, and outcomes of medical care through the analysis of aggregated healthcare data. As a visionary in the field of web-based clinical trials, he developed the first commercially successful electronic data capture application. This fusion of medical and technology expertise with industry leadership positions Paul as an advisor to Yonalink on a wide range of issues in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

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