Thousands of patients. Millions of data points. One simple solution.

Yonalink is a full-featured data collection and management platform born from the need to reduce the burden and expense of clinical trial data collection and transfer. By streaming data from medical centers to sponsors in real time, Yonalink reduces the time, stress, and data errors associated with today’s manual data transfer, making it easier for medical centers to attract and participate in clinical trials.

For over a decade, interoperability challenges and a lack of standardized coding have made it all but impossible to streamline the transfer of data from study sites to sponsors, forcing study coordinators to struggle with hours of manual data transfer. Yonalink has solved this problem with an innovative, EHR-agnostic solution that is compatible with any medical center IT infrastructure and every form of medical coding. Yonalink’s patent-pending AI-driven data mapping technology makes it possible for sponsors to collect data from hospitals and medical centers in the Yonalink network in any format, in any unit of measurement, with any naming classification, and turn this data into meaningful data points within the Yonalink platform.

Why Join the Yonalink Network?

Over 7,000 medical centers worldwide are already part of the Yonalink network and are able to stream clinical trial data to trial sponsors.

Discover how everyone benefits from Yonalink with:

Data transfer illustration
Less time spent copying data (stream data directly to sponsors instead of copying it manually)
Happy clinical trial workers
More time spent with patients (less time transferring data means more time for other tasks!)
Clinical trial staff
Higher staff satisfaction (eliminate the busy work so your staff can focus on more preferable tasks)
Handshake between Yonalnk partners
Overall attractiveness to trial sponsors (sponsors appreciate getting their data in real time!)
Illustration of patient data pages
Greater capacity for new clinical trials (less work for each trial means you can accommodate more trial requests without adding to or burdening your staff)
Secure computer screen
Better data quality (fewer human errors and less SDV time)
An eye with medical charts to symbolize easy analysis of data
Easier data monitoring (fewer queries and faster monitoring cycles)
Graphs and a clock to illustrate fast data retrieval
Faster identification of trends and adverse events (respond to unexpected circumstances in near-real time)

Integrating with Yonalink

Yonalink recognizes that medical center staffs are overwhelmed, both in the research department and the IT department. That’s why we’ve taken a technology-focused approach to integration that enables a stress-free connection to your medical center’s EHR/EMR. We can have you up and running with Yonalink CONNECT in as little as two weeks, depending on the hospital’s existing data structure, number of clinical systems, and other specifications. There are no up-front costs for integrating Yonalink into your medical center, and no expensive hardware purchases or lengthy custom builds.

Once integrated, your medical center can use the Yonalink platform across all studies, all phases, and all therapeutic areas. We’ve also combined our straightforward integration with comprehensive system training, intuitive documentation, and dedicated support, to make sure that help is always readily available.

Your staff will have full control over which data points are transferred to study sponsors. Only approved data with confirmed patient consent will be sent to trial sponsors in a secure, compliant, pseudonymized format. Yonalink cannot access any data that has not been approved by study staff.

Yonalink is proud to partner with the world’s leading research hospitals and medical centers in the pursuit of life-saving medical research. We provide our network partners with free Yonalink licenses for your internal investigator-initiated studies and access to our full platform of data management and automated data streaming solutions.

What are YOU waiting for?

Medical centers and trial sponsors around the world are already enjoying the benefits of Yonalink. 
See how you can join our network and to find out about our integration grants today!
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