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Clinical trials have so many moving parts: patients to manage, consent forms to obtain and file, data points to record and transfer, and calculations to be made, among other important tasks. At Yonalink, we understand the complexities of clinical trial data management and the daily challenges faced by study staff. To help you overcome these obstacles we’ve created a robust, secure platform that simplifies data collection, management, and transfer, thereby eliminating many of the expenses and operational complexities that exist when multiple systems are used.   

The Future of EDCs is Now

Yonalink’s EDC is scalable and flexible enough to manage clinical data for any trial type, regardless of geographic location, therapeutic area, size, or phase.

Hybrid configuration

Enables you to configure your study to collect data automatically, manually or both.

DIY setup

Lets you build and adjust your own protocols and data points at your convenience, and to test them in a sandboxed environment without leaving the web interface.

Advanced protocol management features

Features include:
Stress-free protocol amendments allow you to easily adjust your CRFs according to the scope of the protocol amendment without delaying trial timelines and without reconciling past subject data.
Powerful expression language allows you to automatically populate fields and entire CRFs, perform cross-CRF edit checks, and support dynamic display rules, with zero programming required.
Multi-arm study support enables you to run multiple active protocols simultaneously and apply each to a different study arm in a complex trials. 
Randomization modules include block randomization and covariate adaptive randomization to accommodate the most complex study designs with ease.
IP allocation allocates the appropriate kit out of your site stock to each subject based on their treatment arm, without compromising on the study’s blinding configuration.

Your Data Never Looked So Good

Yonalink’s data management platform allows you to configure CRFs in a way that works best for you. No need to struggle with bulky data imports, missing values, or waiting for data management teams to provide support.

Functionalities include:  


Calculated fields

Configure instant calculations of important data points including BMI, age, sum of diameters, averages, and more that are derived from existing patient datapoints.
Pencil and paper

Edit checks

Delineate valid values for each datapoint and fire automated queries for responses outside the normal range.
Email envelope with a bell

Display rules

Define the appearance of certain fields based on values entered into other fields.

Notification rules

Define values to trigger email notifications to study staff, alerting team members when action is required.
Electronic calendar

Custom schedule views

Create a dashboard of patient visits and CRFs to follow study participants individually throughout the clinical trial.
Laptop with clincal data

Schedule views

Leverage a comprehensive view of patient visits and CRFs to follow study participation and data completion for each patient throughout the clinical trial. Get a birds-eye-view of ‘out of window’ visits to discover trends faster.
File folders

SDTM compliance

Enables you to configure your study to collect data automatically, manually or both.
Laptop with different applications

Bulk PI signatures

Allow PIs to sign all subjects’ CRFs with a single click instead of confirming each CRF individually.

Self-generated reporting

Download a variety of reports that provide clinical and operational data with the click of a single button.

Get Quicker Access to Patient Data

The success of your clinical trial depends on clean, accurate data. Yonalink makes it easier for patients and study sites to provide high-quality clinical outcome assessments data so that you can make informed decisions faster, based on reliable reporting. Receive real-time data from any cloud-based database directly to your CRF. 

Our easy-to-use eCOA solutions are fully customizable, providing the flexibility sponsors and CROs need to efficiently collect data in accordance with relevant compliance and security requirements. 

Your Pro ePRO

Yonalink’s ePRO is user-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices. It can be accessed conveniently with any web browser, or our proprietary app. Quickly and easily create patient questionnaires that include multiple types of fields as well as visual pain charts. Yonalink offers a library of FDA-approved questionnaires as well as the capability to draft fully customized questionnaires tailored specifically to your trial’s needs. Send questionnaires directly to patients via SMS or via the free Yonalink mobile app. 

Take the guesswork out of ePRO collection with automatic notifications at every step of the process. Setup push notifications to contact patients automatically when questionnaires are due (or past due). Configure alerts to flag questionable data submissions. 

Integrate ePRO responses directly into your CRFs. Access patient data within an hour of submission. Identify trends, mitigate risks, and stay on top of patient compliance.

eConsent Made Easy

eConsent isn’t just about getting permission from study participants. It’s about making sure that every participant truly understands the trial and knows what to expect so that there are no preventable dropouts. Yonalink’s user-friendly eConsent system makes it easier for site staff to educate patients about the trial and to obtain authenticated consent. Manage different versions of eConsent forms and automate requests for signatures in a variety of authentication methods. When it comes to eConsent, we’ve got you – and your trial participants – covered.

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