Driving clinical trials further.

At Yonalink, increasing clinical trial access is the driving force behind everything we do. We strive to make it possible for every medical center to participate in clinical trials. We aim to make clinical trial data collection, management, and transfer easier and more efficient so there’s less staff burnout and greater data integrity. We work tirelessly towards the day when clinical trial access is easily available to every patient in need.

We’re reimagining the world of clinical trials with  ingenuity, imagination, digitalization, real-world insights, and technical excellence.

Network of hospitals, seamlessly connected

We’ve Got:


The world of clinical trials is constantly evolving, and we understand the need to create solutions that serve both today’s realities and tomorrow’s innovations. That’s why we’ve created a completely scalable data management solution that can transform clinical trial data into meaningful CRF data points.


When it comes to clinical data management, reliability is critical. Yonalink is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, and has the following ISO certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 27799, ISO 9001, and ISO 90003. We also conform to all GCP requirements and meet all CFR Part 11 guidelines. Read more about our security certifications and protocols here.


Our full suite of data management solutions was designed with both patients and study staff in mind, to reduce barriers to entry and to keep the focus on data, not the technical details. Sponsors love that Yonalink doesn’t require lengthy, expensive integrations or the purchase of costly hardware.  See for yourself how Yonalink can add new layers of accessibility to your upcoming clinical trial.


Our clients are literally saving lives, and the inspiration we feel from them fuels our work. Sure, we’re excited about making clinical trials more efficient, but mostly, we’re passionate about helping live-saving therapies get to more patients, sooner.

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