Security & Compliance

Ensuring data security and safety is our top priority in every aspect of our platform. We affirm this commitment through third-party assessments and certifications which always create transparency for our clients and their patients.

Yonalink is fully compliant with global regulatory requirements for the security of clinical trial data, including ISO9001, ISO90003, ISO27001, ISO2779, CFR Part 11, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Yonalink is always looking for ways to enhance our security and privacy capabilities to ensure compliance with the latest requirements and industry standards.

Core security features include:

Security lock on streamed data

Industry-leading cyber measures and procedures with strict encryption at rest, transit, and work

Pseudonymized data illustration

The use of pseudonymized data wherever possible

Data filtering illustration

Filtering of all PII/PHI from logs, caches, and any transient storage means

Cloud upload

The choice of different and completely isolated cloud environments in the US, EU, and other regions, so that clients can be compliant with study-specific requirements

Computer screen

Continuous data backups and disaster recovery sites to ensure business continuity

Want to learn more about Yonalink’s security protocols or features? Contact us today.

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