Rambam Partners with Yonalink to Drive Innovation in Clinical Trials

Top Medical Center in Israel Leverages Yonalink’s EHR-to-EDC Clinical Trial Platform to Integrate Clinical Care.

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Boston, April X, 2023 — Yonalink, a clinical trial software provider, today announced that its EHR-to- EDC data integration platform has been adopted by Rambam Health Care Campus. A world-class teaching hospital in northern Israel known for pioneering discoveries and contributions to medical science, Rambam is using YonaLink’s SaaS solution to securely and seamlessly integrate clinical care and research data in real time, driving greater speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness into their clinical trial data collection and validation.

Rambam is implementing Yonalink’s platform to automate the transfer and mapping of patient data directly from electronic health record (EHR) systems to clinical trial electronic data capture (EDC) systems. This capability will enable Rambam to expand existing and initiate new research collaborations, while extending the reach of the medical center’s cutting-edge R&D capabilities to clinical trial sponsors and research stakeholders worldwide.

“At Rambam, we conduct approximately 2,000 research studies at any given time, with nearly 40 trials started each month. To solve clinical challenges and address unmet needs for a diverse patient population, our scientists are active in basic and translational research encompassing a range of disease states and for which they take an integrative, interdisciplinary approach,” said Dr. Avivit Peer, Head of Clinical Trials at Rambam. “We are always on the lookout for tools that can advance collaboration and increase the study teams’ efficiency, while reducing costs and resource constraints, which, in turn, will allow us to accelerate and increase access to clinical trials. With Yonalink’s technology, we can stream and map up-to-date, patient data directly from EHRs to the clinical trial EDC in real time, eliminating the need for manual processes and freeing up time study teams can reallocate to more complex and patient-focused research activities.”

Itai Rechnitz, Yonalink’s COO and Co-Founder added: “The complexity of data reconciliation, systems integration, and interoperability gaps are among the longstanding challenges in clinical trial operations that YonaLink’s EHR-to-EDC platform solves for medical centers around the world. Our technology provides a comprehensive, scalable solution, bringing EDC and eSource functionality together in a single tool that provides the missing link between clinical care and clinical research. We’re excited to provide these benefits to a world-class medical center such as Rambam and partner with their study teams to optimize data management processes.”

About Rambam Health Care Campus

Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1000-bed world-class teaching hospital. The patient population is diverse, as Rambam is the major tertiary (referral) medical center for all of Northern Israel, including 12 district hospitals and defense and peacekeeping forces stationed in the region. Serving more than two million residents and others referred from all over Israel, the Mediterranean region, and around the world, Rambam is strategically located in Haifa on the Mediterranean coast and plays a critical role in the healthcare of the region’s residents, in addition to making a major contribution to the economy of the north.

About YonaLink

Yonalink equips research teams with the ability to extract up-to-date patient data from an EHR and stream that data into a clinical trial electronic data capture (EDC) system in real time, reducing clinical trial timelines and costs. With offices in Tel Aviv and Boston, Yonalink is bringing new levels of speed, quality, and efficiency to clinical trial operations across the globe, simplifying the complexity of clinical data collection and validation, and enabling true scalability. The company’s SaaS platform has the capabilities to stream up-to-date data from any clinical site’s EHR platform, in any part of the world, and populate it within YonaLink’s next generation EDC or other data capture systems. With built-in eConsent and ePRO / eCOA and streaming EHR-to-EDC capabilities, Yonalink’s next generation EDC provides a comprehensive solution for today’s clinical trial needs, bringing EDC and eSource functionality together in a single tool that can be set up within minutes, eliminating integration delays, reducing costs, and accelerating study timelines. Learn more at www.yonalink.com.

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