Yonalink Announces the Success of the Largest Ever EHR-to-EDC Live Pilot Study

Yonalink's live pilot study in 21 medical centers streamed 93% of the patient data with 100% accuracy, an industry best.

EHR-to-EDC streaming

Tel Aviv, Israel - June 17, 2024 - Yonalink, the leading EHR-to-EDC streaming provider for clinical trials, today announced a successful live pilot in 21 medical centers in the US and Israel.

Yonalink’s EHR-to-EDC streaming platform enables the retrieval of data from any electronic health record (EHR) system and the seamless mapping of clinical data to the sponsor’s clinical trial database (EDC). The company’s proprietary system solves the interoperability challenges that have long plagued the clinical trial industry and caused problems including extended trial times, inaccurate data, increased costs and staff burnout.

Yonalink’s goals for its pilot were twofold: to confirm the ability to stream from EHR-to-EDC in real time, and to validate the amount of data streamed and the accuracy of the data streamed. During the pilot, all of the 21 participating medical centers were able to stream accurate data to Yonalink’s EDC. In addition, data was transferred from 15 patients in an oncology trial and was then validated for accuracy. The results show that 93% of the data requested was transferred and that all data was transferred with 100% accuracy, the highest known to date in the industry.

“Yonalink has proven to be an invaluable tool for us during clinical trials to streamline the all-too-often tedious process of patient data collection which can take about 3 minutes per data point,” said Dr. Eytan Ben Ami, Director of the Clinical Research Department at Sheba Medical Center. “The findings from this study makes a clear case that manual data transfer is outdated and leads to significant delays during clinical trials. Clinical trial partners must embrace AI to update the entire data collection and streaming processes to benefit all invested partners. With reduced manual busywork and fewer errors, hospitals will be able to accommodate more trials, and ultimately, more patients will be able to access the care they need.”

Patient data that was taken during the pilot includes; observations, medications/IP administration, diagnosis, procedures, pathology. Yonalink’s EDC can also accept the upload of unformatted files such as X-rays and handwritten notes.

“Clinical trials are the main driver for innovation in the pharma and biotech industries and have the potential to help millions of patients across the globe. However, the system is currently broken and Yonalink is helping to fix it. By automating the data collection and transfer processes, we are able to significantly cut down the hours needed for data entry and SDV time, leading to a reduction in costs for the sponsor and a reduction of staff burden for the sites; a win-win for everyone involved,” said Iddo Peleg, CEO and co-founder at Yonalink. “These extremely positive study results are a testament to the vision and hard work of the entire Yonalink team and we are very encouraged by them.”  


About Yonalink

Yonalink equips research teams with the ability to extract up-to-date patient data from any EHR and stream that data into a clinical trial electronic data capture (EDC) system in real time, reducing clinical trial timelines and costs. Headquartered in Boston with R&D operations in Israel, Yonalink is bringing new levels of speed, quality, and efficiency to clinical trial operations across the globe, simplifying the complexity of clinical data collection and validation, and enabling true scalability. The Company’s SaaS platform has the capabilities to stream up-to-date data from any clinical site’s EHR platform, in any part of the world, and populate it within Yonalink’s next generation EDC. With built-in eConsent and ePRO / eCOA and streaming EHR-to-EDC capabilities, Yonalink’s next generation EDC provides a comprehensive solution for today’s clinical trial needs, bringing EDC and eSource functionality together in a single tool that can be set up within minutes, eliminating integration delays, reducing costs, and accelerating study timelines.

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